Code Name Talk of Hyderabad

Located at Bachupally, Hyderabad’s Fastest Growing Residential Hub

* You live in a world without borders. Your roots span the breadth of the globe. Your work takes you to foreign shores. Your words echo From gadgets on the other side of the planet You are a true global citizen and your abode should personify the best that the world has to offer

* Come home to talk of Hyderabad a jewel in the crown of the City of pearls. Laced with lush green landscapes, yet futuristic with the promise of a lifestyle that measures up to the best In the world

* If you ever wished for a picture-postcard Ife, this is your chance to make come true AT TALK OF HYDERABAD, YOU WILL FIND DESIGN THEMES RANGING FROM FUTUR-ISTIC TO OLD-WORLD GRANDEUR.


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